In addition to playing chamber music, you will enjoy the unique cultural and historical traditions that are a part of the Lesachtal and surrounding region. (

The area is wonderfully unspoiled, one of the least touristic parts of Europe, and is steeped in a deep and rich tradition of folk music. Everyone from the valley either sings or plays an instrument; it’s not hard to see how this country produced Mozart, Schubert, Haydn, Mahler, and so many other great composers!

When you aren’t rehearsing or practicing, we encourage you to hike on nearby mountain trails, or have a glass of wine or an espresso with Apfelstrüdel at a local café.

Here are other activities you may enjoy during your free time:

Festivals – During our time in Liesing, you will experience Kirchtag, a day dedicated to the town church, family, local traditions and music. It begins with mass (often with AKM musicians involved) and ends with a party in the town square featuring local musical acts. There are other festivals and special events throughout the valley during the festival.Dinners Out – There will be a few evenings that as part of our meal plan, we go to local restaurants around the valley. We try and choose places that capture the scenic beauty and local flavors of the area.  It is always a fun social occasion to relax and dine out after a day of hard work.

Short Trips– There are several lovely towns within a half hour of Liesing, and we are just a few miles from the Italian border. The beautiful neighboring town of Maria Luggau features a 16th century monastery, beautiful old water mills and more. Kötschach-Mauten, Obertilliach, and Sillian are all interesting towns, just a short drive from Liesing.

Almwellness Resort Tuffbad – Just a 15-minute drive from Liesing is the grand yet peaceful resort, Almwellness. Magnesium-sulfate-hydrocarbonate mineral water comes from a spring on-site and is featured in many of their services. This spring is known to help treat rheumatic diseases, degenerative joint and muscle disease, as well as many digestive issues. There are pools, a jacuzzi, an indoor mountain stream for Kneipp therapy, saunas, and services such as hay treatments, massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, etc. There is also a top-rated restaurant and bar on the premises. Visit for more information.

Nature walks – The Lesach Valley offers incredible views of the Austrian Alps near the border between Austria and Italy. It is perfect terrain for day hikes in and around the valley.

Composers’ inspirations – Wörthersee is a beautiful lake about two hours away from Liesing, where Mahler, Brahms, Webern, Berg and Wolf sometimes spent their summers. You can visit the houses and huts where they composed and absorb the largely unspoiled beauty that inspired them. Tours are often available. Find more information at

South Tyrol– The adjoining state of Tyrol also has many lovely lakes (such as Lake Misurina, and Lago di Braies (Pragser-Wildsee), mountains and towns (such as San Candido (Innichen), and Kufstein) to visit.  Note that you will see many signs in both Italian and German!

Sight Reading – On any free evening (or at any free time!), we strongly encourage participants to sight read with their colleagues. Repertoire and scheduling are organized by the participants themselves