Elisabeth Smalt, viola

The Dutch viola player ELISABETH SMALT is based in Amsterdam and works primarily as a chamber musician, in style varying from period instruments to extremely new music.

Her interest in authentic performance practice developed by working with specialists Wim ten Hav (one of the founders of the Orchestra of the 18th Century), Jed Wentz and his ensemble Musica ad Rhenum, and with the Nepomuk Fortepiano Quintet which in the past decade released world premiere recordings of early 19th century composers John Baptist Cramer and Franz Limmer as well as quintets by Ries, Schubert, Hummel, Dussek and Onslow. With the fortepiano player Riko Fukuda she recently started the ensemble Eruditio Musica. Their first project was a concert series around letters that Elisabeth recently found of Robert and Clara Schumann in correspondence with her great-grandfather, a concert organiser in Rotterdam who had close contact with them on their last tour to Holland. The letters were published in 2010 by the Robert-Schumann Gesellschaft in Germany.

Another commitment is the Prisma String Trio, which has undertaken many innovative crossover projects mixing music with other arts, and reaches out to new audiences in Holland with its open-mind and public-friendly approach.

Since 1996 Elisabeth has been a member of the Brussels-based chamber ensemble Oxalys which specialises in Romantic and Impressionistic repertoire and plays on all the international podia.   http://www.oxalys.be/en/oxalys

With Scordatura she plays spectral and 21st century music using unusual tuning systems and instruments such as the viola d’amore and the Adapted Viola of Harry Partch.   https://trioscordatura.com/

Elisabeth is a regular guest at the IMS Prussia Cove chamber music festival in Cornwall lead by the British cellist Steven Isserlis. From 2005 to 2011 she directed Amsterdam’s KlankKleurFestival, a collaboration between chamber musicians and visual artists.

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